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Organizing your closet: planning stage

I’ve been putting off this closet thing for a long time. It’s easy to ignore an area of clutter and mayhem when you can just close a door so easily. But organizing your closet really strikes at the heart of what I view as practical minimalist living. I wish I had started here first. But as I said, it’s so easy to hide. Out of sight, out of mind.

Making New Year’s resolutions last

I’ve never been one for New Year's resolutions. When I’ve made them in the past, both the fervor that came with them and the determination to see them through often fade by early Spring. This cycle has happened enough in my life to indicate a pattern. I suspect it’s a pattern that many people fall into. Or…maybe I just hope I’m not alone.

Cleaning out the negative thoughts

This is a great time of year for some internal housecleaning. I don’t mean my closet (although that needs to be done). I’m talking about the space between my ears. There are too many negative thoughts floating around in there, and it’s time to clear them out....

What a homeless man does with $100

This year you may have seen the story of the “homeless” pregnant woman begging for money at a mall, then driving away in her Mercedes Benz. Many people will give a few dollars to a seemingly homeless man asking for money on the street. I know I have. But...

NFL player donates his check to sick girl

There are so many examples from professional sports of how you shouldn’t behave. Those stories get way too much attention. I’m glad to hear a story like this one, though. Menelik Watson, an offensive lineman with the Oakland Raiders, stepped up in a big...

Minimalist living motivations

When I started this blog last year, it was with the intention of documenting my efforts to have more with less. I’m still carrying around more stuff than I need, but I’m also still pushing it out of my life…a work in progress. During this process, I’ve been affected in more ways than just having fewer unnecessary things.

Kind words make wallflowers grow

Ever notice that person sitting alone in a public place, where everyone else is interacting? Sometimes they just need a kind word from a stranger to make them blossom.

You really are what you eat

Okay, this isn’t an obvious fit for a “good news” story. But it should be. Either it’s good news about the great food choices you already make…or good news about how changes in your food choices can improve your health. However you look...

Minimalist influences in pop music?

This isn’t a music review site, but if you have trouble connecting with your kids through their music choices, maybe these selections can begin to bridge the gap. And if nothing else, they have some thought-provoking messages in them about consumerism and a life focused on things more important than the clothes you wear or what you own.

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