Minimalist influences in pop music?

This isn't a music review site, but if you have trouble connecting with your kids through their music choices, maybe these selections can begin to bridge the gap. And if nothing else, they have some thought-provoking messages in them about consumerism and a life focused on things more important than the clothes you wear or what you own.

Maximize your time

I have some specific goals for my gradual shift toward minimalism. They can be summed up with the “live more with less” mantra. Time is something none of us can make more of. We’re only allotted so much of it.…

Kitchen clutter

Part of my Father’s Day gift was a fantastic dinner cooked by my boys. They really did a great job. They also created a huge mess in the kitchen.

Going public

My family gave me a Father’s Day gift of sleeping in today, so I used the time to catch up on some reading. An article (Polishing Perfect) on Seth Godin’s blog really made me thing about some things. Well…most of…